Roaming freely all over the realm of landscape, exploring boundaries of watercolour medium, Prashant Prabhu in his professional art practice of 2 decades has not followed any beaten path. Eschewing all traditions, he found his own visual language of 'minimalist realism'. A pictorial vocabulary in which less is more in rendition and audience connect means having faith in their intelligence.

Prabhu has 19 solo shows to his credit, group shows are 'lost in count'. He doesn't coform to notion of 'fresh little' watercolours, painting large bold works, in limited colour palette which changes for every work. Though he shows commanding proficiency in architectural and urban views, he finds himself at ease while painting mystical expansive scenic landscapes. Vibrant and fewer colour hues than a typical Indian watercolour, his mountain and river valleys are as spiritual as his temples and monasteries. Large part of leaving paper untouched makes bold washes stand out further in his paintings, which though imaginary are pivoted on real world of ours.

For him, painting watercolours is a daily ritual, coming very close to prayer or meditation.

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