Painting watercolours full time for more than 15 years, and 20 solo exhibitions, Prashant Prabhu, has been trying to expand the boundaries of landscape as a genre, through daily art practice…. a kind of meditative ritual. His watercolours have been acclaimed as having definitive visual language of their own, distinct from run of the mill pretty pictures, that the landscape genre has been identified with. Going towards minimalist ideal with each new suite of works, Prabhu revels in bold washes and minimum details, nut not just painting ‘atmosphere’ without any thought or content. Saying just enough, but not depicting everything, Prabhu shows faith in the viewer; that she has an ability to imagine…to connect the dots.

The themes are varied. So is the execution part, differing with each subject or composition. His Guru’s advice that artist’s style may be his signature but not the painting itself. And Prashant has made it a point to not repeating his paintings in any form..composition,subject or technique.

The places he has visited, to paint on locale or for taking photos, are for him, nothing but references. He has no qualms if some don’t recognize the place or it seems unrealistic to a degree; Nor he has intentions of dazzling with technical wizardry that most watercolour artists aspire too.

He has mastered the skills but he will rather show off his thinking prowess in compositions or convey his responses to the city life through his cityscapes. And skill and technique doesn’t mean traditional know how either. In search of the mystique and minimalist ideals he has dropped the constraints of rules of the medium of watercolours.  The technique for him, is like grammar one masters before beginning to write poems or novels. Nothing more.

Contact Prashant on praprabhu72@gmail.com. And if it is not switched off then on +91-9821390646.

His studio is at 26/ Devaki wadi, J.K. Sawant road, Near starcity theater, Matunga west, Mumbai 16, where he goes everyday of the week, unless he is roaming around outside Mumbai.


As for selling the works, prices mentioned are for framed artworks, in studio.

For artlovers outside Mumbai and overseas, unframed paintings may be collected from his studio via reputed couriers.

Prabhu accepts PAYPAL and bank electronic transfers.