HIS light everywhere _ 20×10

Pilgrim further 5_ 22×30

Landscape from the other shore _20x30

Imagine the Shangrila_ 15×22

Realm of mystique_ 22×15 in

Shadow of piety_ 22×15 in

Trespassing His landscape_ 22x15in

Around His presence_ 15×22

Towards His home, man made and his own_ 22×15

A step up in landscape of Hampi_ 14×20

We cannot take shorter route Paduan! _ 15×22

Sail into the land of mystique _ 22×30

Distant memories of spiti_ 22×30

Peaceful coexistence_ 15 x 22

His majesty arrives and his lordship is glowing_ 15×22

Flag ship landscape _15x22

Blue landings of the kings_ 15×22

Past was glorious but now just a dream_ 22 x15

Sail into the mythical landscape 1_ 22 x30

Drink the mountain blue_ 30 x 22

Glow of the heritage past_ 22×15

Landscape trudging on different direction_ 15×22

Built for the next decades_ 30×33

Pilgrim to the Gods_ old and the new_20 x14

Many paths many ways to HIM_ 22×30

Pilgrim further 2_ 20 x28

Landscape beyond ‘some place’_ 29×39

Are we there yet? It is beyond all lakes paduan

Man! Less the ripples more the reflection

Rising landscape

Deep and esoteric shapes of Tabo

Her grace_ 20 x 14

Are we there yet ? 7

Are we there yet_ this is just a milestone dear paduan_ 22 x 30

Climb higher and reach deeper_29 x 38

Composition with green and red 1

Colours of universal peace

Rising shadows of time

Feel the warmth of the blues_ 30 x 22

Crisscrossing the blues_ 30 x22

Distance and vehicles 2

Pray that all reach the golden light_ 29 x 38

Morning light of Winter falls on the castle_ 15×21

Dreaming and imagining Benaras_ 30 x 22

Flagship landscape in red sands

Entry scape_ 20×8

Are we there yet…. This is a temple, my child_ 22 x30