Maya _ 14″ x 20″

Mandu landscape climbs history 22″ x 30″

Family visits history 18″x 10″

Sunday shopping blues 14″x19″

A minimalist’sway to Him 20″x14″

Speeding up on a white night 22″ x 30″

Pilgrim to the old Gods and the new 20″x16″

Morning post 14″x 20″

A-dorne the mandu landscape 14″x20″

Monastic mystique 4_ 14″x20″

Sail into the heaven on earth 22″x15″

HE is not on the mountain nor in the valley here 22″x30″

Travel… Each one his own_ 15″x22″

Road to some place beyond 15″x22″

Mooring in the mystique 22″x30″

Climb up to His gate 30″x22″

Climb up and reach depth 30″x22″

Castle black by the sea_22″x30″

The north east remembers 14″x20″

Surrender to Him and enter 22″x30″

Patience , Paduan, patience! _ 20″ x 16″

Sail into mythical realm 4 _ 20″ x 16″

Near and far are relative concepts paduan! 22″x 30″

His house light house 21″x22″

Monastic mystique 1_ 20″x16″

Maintainance blues 14″x20″

Conserving the holiness 20″x16″

Entrance to the mythical landscape 20″x16″

Long climb of heritage landscape 22″x30″

Enter the gate some time ago 16″x20″

Dusk falls on heritage 2 _ 16″x20″

Misty mountain misty river 20″x14″

HIS gate always open 30″x22″

River flows through mythical lands 20″x19″

Pilgrim further 5_ 22″x30″

Realm of mystique 22″x15″

Trespassing His landscape 22″x15″

Sail into the land of mystique 22″x30″

Distant memories of spiti 22″x30″

Peaceful coexistence 15″ x 22″

His majesty arrives and his lordship is glowing 15″x22″

Blue landings of the kings 15″x22″

Past was glorious but now just a dream 22″ x15″

Glow of the heritage past 22″x15″

Landscape trudging on different direction 15″x22″

Built for the next decades 30″x33″

Many paths many ways to HIM 22″x30″

Pilgrim further 2_ 20″x31″

Landscape beyond ‘some place’_ 29″x39″

Man! Less the ripples more the reflection

Her grace 20″x 14″

Are we there yet ? 7

Are we there yet_ this is just a milestone dear paduan 22″x 30″

Climb higher and reach deeper 29″x 38″

Feel the warmth of the blues 30″x 22″

Crisscrossing the blues 30″ x22″

Distance and vehicles 2

Pray that all reach the golden light 29″ x 38″

Morning light of Winter falls on the castle 15″x21″

Dreaming and imagining Benaras 30″x 22″

Are we there yet…. This is a temple, my child 22″ x30″