Sail deep inside at Yercaud _ 20″x14″

Its already morning! Are we there yet? 14″x10″

Hugging the sky 20″x14″

Climb down, dear Paduan 20″x14″

Zooming onto the Yercaud lake 20″x13″

Green quietude _ 14″x20″

Paintists at Yercaud 14×19

Height and depth of Yercaud landscape 14″x20″

Brightness of heritage 11″x15″

Preserve the past era 14″x20″

Hot and waiting 14″x20″

Are we there yet?10_ 16″x10″

Floating memories ofy village 30″x22″

Far away Burmese dream 30″x22″

Heritage of hospitality 20″x14″

Colours of the years past 14″ x 20″

Height of a cityscape 22″ x 15″

Light , shadows and shapes 20″ x 22″

Shaping up the speed 15″ x 15″

Speeding up on a white night _ Moscow_22″ x 30″

Landscape trudging in the other direction 15″ x22″

Blue landings of the kings 14″ x 20″

See it like a bird 22″ x 30″

Aromatic greens 22″ x 30″

Pilgrim further 5_ 22″ x 30″

Path towards the mythical lands 14″ x 20″

Golden cow dust 22″ x 30″

His gate is always open

Monastic mystique 1

Every kind of mountain has a base camp 30″x22″

Drink the mountain blue 30″x 22″

In search of the quietude 18″x11″

Rest a bit but road ahead is better 22″x30″

We may relax a bit but landscape ahead is much better 22″x30″

Warning you mate, too much rush ahead _ 14″x9″

Heritage floats at Jaisalmer 10″x15″

HE creates everything equal, man differentiates 22″x15″

Vanishing red earth 14″x19″

Outside normal Benaras 13″x18″

Climb up to His home 29″x21″

Moon in my window

Sunday shopping blues 14″x19″

Monastic mystique 4_ 14″x20″

Sail into the heaven on earth 22″x15″

HE is not on the mountain nor in the valley here 22″x30″

Castle black by the sea_22″x30″

Patience , Paduan, patience! _ 20″ x 16″

Near and far are relative concepts paduan! 22″x 30″

His house light house 21″x22″

Maintainance blues 14″x20″

Conserving the holiness 20″x16″

Long climb of heritage landscape 22″x30″

Dusk falls on heritage 2 _ 16″x20″

Misty mountain misty river 20″x14″

Realm of mystique 22″x15″

Trespassing His landscape 22″x15″

Distant memories of spiti 22″x30″

Peaceful coexistence 15″ x 22″

His majesty arrives and his lordship is glowing 15″x22″

Glow of the heritage past 22″x15″

Landscape beyond ‘some place’_ 29″x39″

Man! Less the ripples more the reflection

Her grace 20″x 14″

Are we there yet ? 7

Are we there yet_ this is just a milestone dear paduan 22″x 30″

Climb higher and reach deeper 29″x 38″

Feel the warmth of the blues 30″x 22″

Crisscrossing the blues 30″ x22″

Distance and vehicles 2

Pray that all reach the golden light 29″ x 38″

Dreaming and imagining Benaras 30″x 22″